2017 Annual Native Plant Garden Tour

Join us for our annual self-guided tour to native gardens in Palm Beach County!

This year the tour consists of EIGHT GARDENS - six private homes, 1 business and 1 public space in eastern central county.

There are guides at each property to answer your questions, plant lists available, and labels on most of the plants.

NEW this year, in partnership with Audubon Everglades and Atala Chapter of the North American Butterfly Association, the first 300 households will receive a bird/butterfly habitat – a corkystem passionvine and a firebush!

(click on the poster below to download a PDF) (scroll to the bottom for photo contest rules and MAPS)

We are having our 2nd annual PHOTO CONTEST!

Are you a shutterbug? Do you love taking photos of life in the garden?  

The winning photograph will be displayed in the upstairs gallery of the Palm Beach Photographic Centre in downtown West Palm Beach. The photo will also appear on the PBCC FNPS Facebook page and website.

The winner will also receive memberships to the Palm Beach Photographic Centre and to the Palm Beach County Chapter of Florida Native Plant Society (PBCC FNPS). If already a member, the membership will be extended for another year.

The top six images will be featured in our Dahoon newsletter.

Each person can submit up to 6 digital images, taken only at the gardens on the day of the tour. (Complete contest submission details are available at each garden or can be downloaded from this page. Scroll down and click on the form to download the PDF).


The gardens on this year’s Native Plant Garden Tour include:

Roberts Garden
6708 Pamela Lane, West Palm Beach  33405

Wanting a garden that would attract wildlife and conserve water, Florida’s native plants were the obvious choice for Carol Roberts.  This garden first was seen on the 2013 tour when it was newly planted. Most of the plants chosen are host plants or nectar plants for butterflies; it is a busy oasis year-round for bees, birds and butterflies. Notice the spikey cardinal flowers blooming red near the A/C drain. What a delight!

Wasser Garden 
1511 20th Ave North, Lake Worth  33460

Six years is a long time in native plant gardens. Last featured on the annual native garden tour 4 years ago, when it was two years old, today the Wasser garden looks like it’s been there forever! Trees have matured, shrubs have filled out, and new plants have been added. The grassy path along the east side of the house is lined with tall goldenrod spikes, dune sunflower, spotted bee-balm, scorpion’s tail, gaillardia, yellowtop and other colorful wildflowers! This garden brings the woodsy essence of Florida’s natural areas right to the Wasser’s front door.

McVoy Garden
1514 15th Ave North, Lake Worth  33460

The McVoy “Brick House Garden” is a feast for the eyes, and with fruit trees and herbs placed among the natives, there’s a home and a meal for all kinds of critters. Zebra Longwing and Julia butterflies shimmer about, red and yellow Atala caterpillars munch on coonties, and bees enjoy the ever-changing flowers in bloom in this turf-less front yard garden.

Renninger Garden
1629 North N Street, Lake Worth  33460

This native yard began with the modest planting of a live oak and some wild coffee, simpson stoppers and cocoplum over 15 years ago.  The initial plan to attract birds and reduce water use eventually metamorphosed into a colorful butterfly habitat and wildflower garden.  Butterflies, bees, birds, lizards, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, and Julia’s dogs, all call this informal landscape “home”. 

Eden Place Healing Arts Garden
1423 North Federal Hwy, Lake Worth  33460

“Going Native” is the environmentally sustainable way and reflects the Eden Place Healing Arts business philosophy. Florida natives were chosen to surround the Healing Arts office because the flowers, berries and butterflies create the perfect ambiance for healing. The gorgeous flower of the native Maypop (Passiflora incarnata) is the logo for this healing center - perhaps it will still be in bloom on October 1st!

Isabell Garden
412 South L Street, Lake Worth  33460

Sandy Isabell’s award-winning “Jewel of the Month” dooryard garden has been delighting both her and passersby since the 2013 Annual Garden Tour, when it was newly planted.  It has matured beautifully, with its splendid variety of texture, form and color. “Going Native” was the elegant solution to disappointing non-native designer landscapes that lost their oomph after 6 months. This garden patch works! Among the highlights are the Bahama Strongbark with its white flowers and bright orange berries, the Satinleaf, with its graceful branches and richly colored leaves, and the handsome silvery gray Sea-Lavender.

Hypoluxo  Hammock (in Town Hall parking lot)
7580 South Federal Highway, Hypoluxo  33462

The Hypoluxo Hammock was designed with four goals: 1) Recreate the site as it would have looked 100 years ago as the Barefoot Mailman began his trek to Miami. 2) Create a coastal hammock, common to the area before housing development and the introduction of so many exotic and destructive plant species. 3) Use only native species that would require no irrigation or fertilizer after 6 months. 4) Incorporate a drainage design to retain nearly 100% of the entire site's rain runoff. Dedicated on March 9, 1996, this very successful restoration is peaceful, cool, lush and alive.

Judd Garden
509 South Country Club Drive, Atlantis  33462
** plant giveaway location **

“Going Native” has revealed the beauty and excitement of Nature in this nearly half-acre yard. More than 120 native plant species are home to the lively birds, butterflies, pollinators and countless other creatures thriving and “making a living" here. Whether viewed through the large rear windows of the house, or on a leisurely walk around the pine straw paths, this garden is a thrill to the senses!


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