2020 Garden Tour

Welcome to the 2020 PBC Native Plant Society Garden Tour

Featuring gardens in central-eastern Palm Beach County

November 15th 9:30 am. - 2:30 pm. Free to members, and $5 donation from their guests

Good news for Palm Beach County Chapter members and friends! 
We will be holding our native garden tour on Sunday, November 15.  This year it will be a members only event although members can invite up to 2 guests to tour the gardens with them.  The event is free for members and a $5 donation will be required for each guest.  In return for the donation, guests (or members if they want to donate) will receive a 4” wildflower (Salvia coccinea or Salvia lyrata) in addition to an entry into a drawing for joewood, thatch palm, or Amorpha.  We have a wonderful array of gardens for you to visit so mark your calendars for November 15th! 

Our garden tour committee is intent on making sure that there will be a safe environment for which to enjoy the native landscapes. Thanks and appreciation go to PBCC FNPS Director at Large, Melissa Moyroud, for coordinating the planning and implementation of this year's garden tour. Thanks also to the seven garden tour hosts for sharing their native landscapes with us for the benefit of all.

If you would like to sign up to volunteer to help at one of the gardens you can do so online. Just click on the link below and it will take you to the Sign up Genius website for this event.


2020 Garden Tour volunteer Sign-up


Garden Locations:

1) Davis Garden-1029 N. Lakeside Dr.  Lake Worth
* Aged like fine-wine with a 30-year-old gopher apple ground cover lawn, 30- year-old sand live oaks, lignum vitae, pisonia and much more!

2) North Lakeside Garden-1101 N. Lakeside Dr. Lake Worth
* Palm Magic-mature sabal, paurotis, thrinax, cocothrinax, serenoa, buccaneer surrounding outdoor rooms and other treasures!

3) Stowe Garden- 414 North Federal Hwy. Lake Worth
* Seven-Year-Charm that was installed with 1 & 3 gallon assortment of inkwood, soldierwood, boxwood, Jamaican caper, etc- Now over 7' tall!

4) Vujnich Garden- 410 North Federal Hwy. Lake Worth
* Carribean Cottages with a giant gumbo limbo, thatch palms, seagrapes, stoppers galore! Wooden pathways and small fountain, too!

5) Powell Garden- 224 North Palmway, Lake Worth
* Follow the beautiful brick pathway to butterfly paradise; under live oaks, past silver saw palmettos, coffees and canellas to a small pond.

6) Yates Burle Studio Garden- 128 North Ocean Breeze, Lake Worth
* A sophisticated and complex landscape with award winning hardscape designs. Enjoy the multi levels and tiers within this native paradise.

7) Leavengood Garden- 3917 Coelebs Ave. Boynton Beach
*Over 100 native rare gems- specimen bay cedar, scrub plum, upland bracken fern, and precious wildflowers galore!  **plant-give-away and rare plant drawing location


Click on the icons on the map below to find garden locations

Zoom in to get a higher resolution look at locations and use Google Maps for directions