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March 16, 2020 - Stacey Matrazzo : Edible Natives

Stacey is Program Manager for the Florida Wildflower Foundation.  She is going to introduce you to the edible, medicinal and nutritional properties of some native plants commonly found in our yards and landscapes. She might even help change your view on “weeds” to see them as food you didn’t have to plant.

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 Stacey Matrazzo: Edible Natives 

 Virtual Speakers Programs

Restoring & Protecting the Biodiversity of the Outstanding Natural Area by Peter DeWitt, BLM Program Manager 

The Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse Outstanding Natural Area is 120-acres of legislatively protected public lands in northern Palm Beach County, Florida. The site is recognized and protected, in part, due to its native habitats and extensive biodiversity over which the Bureau of Land Management is responsible for management. Join the Bureau’s on-site program manager, Peter De Witt, for a brief journey through the site's restoration efforts, on-going management strategies, and future projects to protect its unique and significant biological resources.

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Restoring & Protecting the Biodiversity of the Outstanding Natural Area

Click here for A Brief History and Reasons for the Natural Areas Program in Palm Beach County By Richard Moyroud

for presentation to the PBC Chapter of the FNPS


The Native Canopy Education Program


 Your February opportunity to get a voucher for two free native trees or shrubs is almost here!

If you missed our earlier online voucher distributions, or hadn’t heard about them, here’s your chance to get your voucher.  You’ll be able to choose any two plants from a list of 23 different native species (subject to availability), all in three-gallon containers – a great size to plant in your garden!  Your voucher can be redeemed at any of five participating nurseries.

Go to:


“PBC Cooperative Extension Horticulture” and click on the “Native Canopy Program” tab.

 Watch the short educational video, then complete the application form.  A voucher and supporting materials will be emailed to qualified applicants.

To qualify for a voucher, you must be a Palm Beach County resident whose household has not received a voucher from us within the past 12 months, and submit a properly completed application before supplies are exhausted.  

Please note that the link to the application form will be live on Feb. 6 from 12 noon until supplies are exhausted.  You will not be able to access the application form either before or after that period.  The voucher is for one-time-use only.

The Native Canopy Education Program is brought to you by your Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, and is a joint effort of two county Departments:   Cooperative Extension Service and Environmental Resources Management.




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