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2023 Native Garden Tour

Welcome to our 2023 Native Garden Tour page!  We will be posting all the necessary information for you to be able to enjoy this popular event.  Scroll down to read about the featured gardens in this year's tour, maps, parking tips, and more! 

Friendly Reminder:  Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. on Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023, when the clock will “fall back” one hour.  

- QR code for online payment. Scroll down and get your tickets now!

- When arriving at gardens, please be sure to park on the road not the grass and keep driveways clear, especially for neighboring properties.

- At the security gate for the Keshavarz garden you will need to provide your driver's license and tell the guard you are there for the native plant garden tour at 66 Saint James Drive. There is no need to provide us information in advance.

- Call for Volunteers! Scroll down to bottom and click on the link to sign up to volunteer.

- Google Map with garden locations now available


Pay at the event or purchase your tickets online by scanning or clicking the QR code below.
Make sure you show your payment confirmation in order to receive your entry pass at the event



We asked each host to write something about how their native gardens came to be.   Here are the garden stories for the 6 unique native gardens featured in this year's tour.   Enjoy!

McKee garden pond with mature cypress trees

We need volunteers for the Garden Tour! You do not need to know anything about the plants to help. You will still be able to see the gardens before or after you volunteer or on our designated volunteer viewing day. Sign up here! 


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